Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 things...

which one is the "real" hannah montana?    answer: neither, she is a fictional character

"...your hair, your eyes, your old levi's, when we kiss I'm hypnotized, you make me laugh, you make me cry, I guess that's both I'll have to buy, your hand in mine when we're intertwined every thing's alright..." Okay... so there is the first thing, I like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and pretty much all pop music! 

It was super nice of Yvonne to tag me in her 7 things post for a "stylish blogger award!" So here I am, trying to come up with seven things that will help you get to know me without making me sound like the huge dork that I am! :)

Okay so I have already divulged that I have horrible awesome taste in music. I used to be a figure skater and can still do all my single jumps and some spins. I coach springboard diving at the youth rec level and high school level. I run. I have run races of all distances up to 1/2 marathon and will do my first full marathon this fall. I have a serious shopping/money spending problem that I am working on overcoming. I love my life, but worry everyday that my love for my current life will keep me from moving forward and that I will be living this same life in 10 years. I can get awkwardly deep without meaning to. And that looks like seven!

I have to throw an eighth one in because it is just too important! My friends are some of the most talented people on this planet! They amaze me everyday with all of their super amazing talents :)

So here are my seven pics:

Molly, DC, Linda, Linley, Brittney, Michelle, and Lisa!

Tell me the seven things you like about you! :)

(and yes, that is me on the left, dressed as Hannah Montana)


  1. You make a pretty good Hannah Montana! :) How awesome that you will be doing a marathon. I have deep respect for runners. And I am totally with you on the spending habit thing! (see my post for proof lol)

  2. Ummm, "I can get awkwardly deep without meaning too" you are singing my song, sista. Also? I L.O.V.E that you dressed up like Miley.

    Thanks for the tag!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. Liz your blog is looking awesome!!! I have had no motivation lately to write. I don't know what is wrong with me. I think it's because I don't want to eat anything because bikini season is on its way. I need to work on making fun healthy food I can blog about. Your post has motivated me a bit to respond though so thank you ! (Im adding you to my reading list)

  4. haha! love the awkwardly deep bit. and i'm a marathon runner, too! good for you!
    thanks for the shoutout. i did 7 things already, and i'm afraid there's not much more to say. you're adorable...way more so than hannah montana.

  5. Moi? Why thank you. I've done this before so I'll have to rack my brain to think of 7 more things.

    Love the ice skating part. I wish I had been an ice skater when I was a kid. No wonder you always seem to have such grace and nice posture in your pictures.

    The Auspicious Life


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