Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(29) and feeling fine

feeling fine

Outfit 29, I can hardly believe it! I am actually wearing my 30th outfit as I write this post. This is monumental on so many levels! First of all, this was super fun. A big THANKYOU to Kendi for coming up with the 30 for 30. Without her great idea I would never had become a remixer! I have found a new respect for my closet and the clothes that are already in it, so my closet and bank account also thank you, Kendi! I also want to take a second to thank everyone who looks at, follows, reads, comments on this blog! I love getting to hear from all of you! :)

I think the thing I am most proud of here is the fact that I finished! I have a big problem with procrastination (my BFF, Erin talks about procrastination in the linked post). So following through and getting the remix done, on time, with no cheating is a HUGE accomplishment for me! I was tempted to borrow boots, skip days, and I even wore 2 outfits (day and night) on one day to make sure I could stay on schedule!

This small (okay, it feels HUGE to me) success has motivated me to "just keep swimming" and finish/work on all my other projects! And there are so many wonderful projects that I am dreaming of/working on/helping with. I can't wait to share them here! What helps you stay motivated to finish tasks or reach your goals?

feeling finefeeling finefeeling finefeeling fine

When and Where:
  • Monday, February 28th, 2011
  • to work, run errands, and hang out with friends
What I'm Wearing:
  • sweater - thrifted Banana Republic via Unique
  • top, jeans - Gap
  • shoes - Target
  • scarf - via Loehmann's

feeling fine


  1. The color combo is great. I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  2. I love the pop of bright yellow here! Yay you are almost there!! I still have 10 outfits to go. Yikes.

  3. ALMOST DONE??! I'm so jealous! You look great, good luck with coming up with your final outfit!!

  4. Hurray! Well done!

    Can't wait to tune in for one more ;)

    Virginie's Cinema

  5. I really love those colors on you! They bring your face into focus I think, especially with your pretty natural hair color peeking out. Thumbs up! :-)



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