Wednesday, March 2, 2011

another miley comparison

If you haven't headed over to already, I highly suggest that you go take a peek and start following her. Not only is Jenny one of my best friends IRL, she is an amazingly talented photographer, and one of the most genuine, loving people on the planet! She took this picture (on the left) of me when we "played" photo shoot back in September, long before Reston Style was born.

So I have eluded to some big ideas that are swimming though my head for this blog towards the end of my 30 for 30. I am officially letting one of those cats out of the bag... I will now be featuring a rotating cast of AMAZINGLY talented photographers and photography enthusiasts! And guess what!? I didn't even have to go and find these people, they are already friends of mine! Seriously, that eighth thing on my seven things post wasn't a joke, my friends are some of the most talented people you will ever meet! 

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