Thursday, March 10, 2011

the boy is five

5 years old

I mentioned in my last post that I went to my nephew's 5th birthday party on Sunday. Even better than that, though, I got to have breakfast with him at Starbucks on his actual birthday (he is almost as big of a Starbucks junkie as I am)! I can't believe he is already 5 years old!! I can still remember getting the text just after 1:53 am on March 7th, 2006 that he was born (my sister is kinda a private person, so only she and Rowan's father were at the hospital).

So this is what I put together for Monday. I have to say that since the my 30 for 30 remix ended I have been wearing this jacket a lot. Funny because it was in my remix until the very last minute when I swapped it out for a purple v-neck tee that I only wore twice (but once was as a layer under a sweater). I guess I know for next time, light jackets should always make the remix! 

I've also been noticing that I have been gravitating towards purple, green, and purple and green together more recently. It hasn't been intentional, just something that has happened because there are so many great purple and green items in the stores today. I will be intentionally wearing blue for the next month though! Stay tuned for how you can join me and get featured here for lighting it up blue with me! Have you signed up yet and taken your button?

5 years old5 years old5 years old5 years old5 years old5 years old5 years old

When and Where:
  • Monday, March 7th, 2011
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • scarf - J Crew
  • jacket - LC by Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
  • top - Gap
  • jeans - SO jeans via Kohl's
  • watch - lou lou
  • shoes - Target
And here's the boy, Rowan!

    the boy is 5

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    1. I love this jacket! Perfectly military inspired without being overwhelming. And your nephew is so cute!


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