Friday, March 18, 2011

my new favorite skirt

blue mix 002

I have been lusting after this skirt since I saw it at Gap, just AFTER my remix/shopping ban started! I love the colour, pattern, length, pockets, material (like a stretch canvas), and shape of this skirt. Okay, so basically I love everything about it. I am a little sad that I had to buy it a size up because they were out of my size. But even slightly too big, it's still my new favorite! I guess that's what I get for waiting for things to get to the sale rack. I know that it's okay to pay full price for items that are well made and will work well into the entire rotation of my wardrobe. I just get so much satisfaction from buying things on sale! Is that so wrong?

I mixed patterns here, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. Though, if you saw some of the things I have tried before leaving the house, you'd know that it's just a happy accident when it works out. My roommate often has to tell me that I have taken it just over the line from stylish to childlike. And not childlike in a good way, but like a kid that got dressed "all by themselves".

I think it works here because both colours are repeated in both patters, they are negatives of one another, and the outfit is simple otherwise. This is another completely gap outfit as well - so that might have something to do with how easily the two pieces, from two different seasons, pair so well together. I hate to sound like a walking gap ad, but if I didn't love the stuff I wouldn't buy and wear it! 

I feel like I have to add that Gap does not sponsor me - I just get the same great shopping experience and same discounts in my Reston Gap store as everyone else! Do you have a "go-to" store when you want to buy something new? Any suggestions to help me expand the brands in my closet?

blue mix 008blue mix 004blue mix 013blue mix 005blue mix 001blue mix 012

When and Where:
  • Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
  • to work (and the Reston Pit Stop -Bike to Work Day meeting)
What I'm Wearing:
  • necklace - Appalachian Spring, Reston Town Center - a gift from the Whaley family
  • top, skirt - Gap
  • socks - Target
  • boots - via TJ Maxx
  • watch - Eikon via Lou Lou, Reston Town Center

blue mix 016blue mix 011blue mix 015blue mix 010blue mix 009blue mix 003


  1. Very cute!! Love that skirt with the stripes! Loves.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. So cute!

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


  3. okay, that skirt IS SUPERRRRR cute. and I'm totally the same way. I can't justify buying things full price, especially at places like Gap when there's always 30% or 40% sales (they only have those sales when I'm not supposed to be shopping, and then when I actually want to buy something? No sales.)

    And good job with the pattern mixing. I barely even noticed it because they go so well together!

  4. That skirt is really cool and I love how you mixed the two patterns, looks very lovely!

  5. eee, love it! That skirt is so gorgeous and you wear it beautifully + it has pockets, really it just doesn't get better!

    As for thrifting tips? I usually look for interesting fabrics, textures, buttons or detailing. And I also do the style it in my head test. I try to visualize the "item" with a fave skirt, belt, shoes, necklace" and if I can, then I happily grab it! Hope that helps.

    Have a terrific weekend, hun. xx veronika

  6. LOVE the combinations! I must try by best to see what different patterns will mix that I have....
    So darling!

  7. love the mix of patern i this look. and your hair looks so gorgeous in this pics.

  8. Love the pattern mixing! You're making me miss Reston bad, I love Plaza America!! I used to work at Appalachian Spring too, so half my jewelry is from there :)

  9. Girl, you have the most gorgeous hair! The pattern mixing is genius and you look adorable :)

  10. I love your skirt and LOVE LOVE how you styled it with stripes and gorgeous boots. Looking as lovely as always.


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