Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'starbucks people'


I've mentioned that I want to be a 'Starbucks person' a couple of times on my blog. I think I have a really glamorized this idea of life in my head. This wouldn't be the first time where the life I have imagined in my head doesn't really jive with reality. But sometimes its really fun to play pretend! So that's just what Jenny and I did on Sunday morning. We went to Starbucks with our laptops, forgetting for those few hours that we have jobs outside of the projects that we were discussing over morning coffee.

I realized that morning that I am no longer a girl that has a blog. I am a fashion/style blogger. In this short amount of time, it has become my passion AND something that defines me. It's kinda fun! So Jenny and I sat there, talking about the things we are passionate about and enjoying the morning. It was such a great meeting of the minds and I really can't wait to share some of the projects that we have talked about doing!

After coffee, I went to the indoor climbing gym with Reid. (running and climbing are only 2 of my sporty activities) That's why I wore sweats to Starbucks. I have asked before, do you mind seeing my less fashionable outfits - like this one - or do you want to only see me all dressed up? Do you think it's okay to hang out in workout clothes, or are they just for the gym?


When and Where:
  • Sunday, March 27th, 2011
  • to Starbucks with Jenny, climbing at Sportrock with Reid
What I'm Wearing:


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