Monday, March 26, 2012

more pink pants


I loved the combination of my bright pink jeans with the blue and gray striped shirt that I wore earlier this month so much that I had to pair my bright pink jeans with blue again. The only problem? All of my royal blue shirts are tee-shirts or running tops. So, I'm wearing a running top as a regular top. The neckline would totally give it away, but with the scarf, you can't even tell! It was super foggy on Thursday morning too, but once the fog burned off, it turned out to be one of the nicest days! It was hot and sunny. I'll take a March like this any day!
Speaking of days and March, today is my roommate's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday, Liz D! I hope you had a great time celebrating over the weekend and that you have a wonderful day, week, month, and 30th year!! :)

(I know you loved my Today Show quality segue there!)


When and Where:
  • Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
  • to work
What I'm Wearing:
  • running top, jeans - Target
  • scarf, sweater, shoes, belt - Gap

As promised, more pink pants (click the picture to see the post):


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