Monday, September 24, 2012

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Rather than leave my blog unattended for another month, I thought I would share yesterday's run with you. Amanda and I are training for the Marine Corps Marathon this year. It's on October 28th, and as you might remember, it will be my second full marathon!

Yesterday, Amanda and I decided to run at 1pm. It was nice switching from and early morning on Saturday to a Sunday afternoon, and it might be just what we needed! We ran 10 miles from my house in Reston along the W&OD trail to Shreve Road in Falls Church and BACK! It made our total run 22.25 miles, which included a 2.5 mile walk back to my house with Starbucks.

What's crazy is that I actually feel pretty good! It's quite a contrast from last year. I remember being sore and almost immobile after each of my 20+ mile training runs and after the marathon itself. I had planned that my next run would be while I am overseas, either with Erin on Friday or with my Mom on Sunday, but I feel so good that I might run tomorrow in between dive lessons. Amanda, on the other hand, is where I was last year.

It makes me think that there is something to "raising your death threshold." I remember becoming a runner for the very first time. It was when I decided to join track as a Junior in High School and I went for a 20 minute continuous run with Becca, I couldn't walk for the next week. Since then, it seems that I can do more and more and more with the extreme of the soreness lessening just a little each time. My body is adapting and my death threshold is rising!

The best part about yesterday's run is that we averaged an 11:34 pace (with an over 13:30 first mile), which will put us RIGHT ON TARGET for a 5 hour marathon! Time wise, I know I can do an under 5 hour marathon, I did a 4:30 last year, but this year my goal is to set a different kind of PR. I want to be smiling at the finish line! :)

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