Wednesday, January 2, 2013

fit style: running to end, running to begin

I ended my 2012 with the Fairfax Four Miler, a New Year's Eve race that takes place at 6pm in the city of Fairfax and runs around the George Mason University Campus. This year, I was joined by my mom and some of my swimmers (actually, their whole family!). Chelsea ran with me the entire time and told me, when after our first mile we were keeping a 9:25 pace, "we need to go faster." We ended up with a very respectful 34:15, 8:34 per mile pace.

It was a fun run, and I was happy with the time, since I was getting up the net morning to do the New Year's Day 5k with my mom! Below you can see the great pictures that were taken at the race! I just love when races take good, free pictures!

I came right around 26 minutes by the clock, but I wonder if I broke 26 by my chip. I started really far back and had to kind of book it after the first mile (again, pacing around 9:25).

My running goals for this year all center around consistency. I want to train with intention, consistency, and purpose. My hope is if I focus on training with consistency, I can get down to my PR 24:30 5k and get some new PRs in the half and 10 mile this year!

New Year's Day 5K 1-1-13-598.jpg
New Year's Day 5K 1-1-13-247.jpg
When and Where:
  • New Year's Eve 2012
  • Fairfax Four Miler, Fairfax City
When and Where:
  • New Year's Day 2013
  • New Year's Day 5k, Reston Town Center
What I'm Wearing:
  • jacket and crops - Lululemon
  • Nike+ fuel band (and Nike+ Running app on my iPhone)
  • iFitness pouch
  • headband and shoes - Saucony (Kinvara - I'm obsessed!)
Look at my mom's cute race photos!
New Year's Day 5K 1-1-13-292.jpg
New Year's Day 5K 1-1-13-293.jpg

And here we are at the end of the 5k

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