Wednesday, March 6, 2013

gluten free, paleo cinnamon rolls

cinnamon rolls 2181
Whoa, it's been a long time since I have blogged... even longer since I have posted an outfit... It's something I miss, so I figured I would share these awesome cinnamon rolls on my blog, as an attempt to jump back into blogging. Especially since I have time today, being snowed in by the snowquester! But first, a little back story.

My energy levels had been falling, and falling, and falling. I didn't really know why. I was training/running, but not at a level that I wasn't used to. I was working, but no more than I had in the past, so it was confusing. Then I started getting lightheaded and foggy. I was losing my train of thought so easily, sleeping for 12+ hours and waking up exhausted, and I finally went to my doctor to see if something else was going on (in addition to my genetic condition/pain). Well, what do you know. My B12 levels were on the lowest end of the testing range and had fallen from 2 months prior (where they were still much lower than considered healthy, but not caught because they were within the "standard range"). The docs ran a methylmalonic acid and confirmed that I had a B12 deficiency (which has symptoms of anemia and then leads to anemia) and that was what was causing me to feel awful.

But healthy people shouldn't develop B12 deficiencies, so that lead to more tests and an official diagnosis of celiac disease. (I had a suspicion I had issues with gluten, but celiac had been "ruled out" last May... good thing I'm persistent and have great doctors!)

So now, since I have to be gluten free (for the rest of my life... I miss real, amazing beer) I am doing paleo for a while. No grains, no refined sugar, no overly processed nonsense food. These cinnamon rolls are still a "sometimes" food, but with the snowquester, they had to happen! :)

cinnamon rolls 2183

Chebe cinnamon rolls:
  • Chebe cinnamon roll mix - made as directed with coconut oil
  • filling - added pecans to the filling directions they suggest

cinnamon rolls 2182
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