Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 Recap!

March has been a super active month! It starts every year for me with swim season ending, and this year, that was celebrated with a long weekend vacation to New Orleans! I was super spoiled, because I got to do my two favorite things at the same time - spend time with Reid and run!

I then ran another 1/2 marathon with my mom! She's the reason I became a runner!!


Then, Reid and I did a bunch of cooking! All of it gluten free (on the account that I have celiac disease, so there's no choice there) and most of it paleo/primal! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, because they look amazing!), the cinnamon rolls got the most photos!

And I finally started taking outfit pictures again! this was a huge hurdle for me to overcome. I'm really proud of myself for a)actually wearing presentable outfits again b)making the effort (cause it's not that much) to take pictures c)being okay with the fact that I'm not as skinny as I once was. :)

denim and sequins 2186sweats and sequins 2191bright stripes 2195
last year 222480's  2242hearts and dots 2

Looking back on March of 2013 has me even more excited for the things to come this year! April and May already looked like jam packed amazing months! I got into the marine corps marathon for the third time, so I have that training to look forward to. I'm setting goals, making plans, and following through. It's a nice feeling! :) What are you looking forward to about spring?

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