Friday, May 10, 2013

fit style: Nike Women's Half Marathon

Nike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundc
Crescent, Cecily, me, and Katelyn

I feel like I am a million years late doing a post on the Nike Women's Half Marathon that took place in DC on Sunday, April 28th, 2013. I think I just needed some time for it to soak in though! I have to say that I really looked forward to this race, much more than I usually look forward to a half. I was worried that it would be all hype, but it wasn't. It really was a wonderfully put together event!

I will say, I didn't know what to expect and should have budgeted more time for the expotique and finish festivities. I really wasn't prepared for all the cool stuff that they would have available to do.

I have to admit, I was a little crazy before the run. I actually spent the two days prior to the race in Charlottesville, VA for Foxfield. (I'll share that later) And was bumming that I was missing out on the fun, post-foxfield, going out in c'ville stuff. I was even more bummed that I was going to have to drive back alone, until I found out Cecily was going to run too! So she joined me in my craziness of spending the day at Foxfield, driving home that night, and heading into DC at 4:30am!

We picked up Crescent (who used to be one of my partners in crime out on the town when we were in our early twenties and I hadn't seen in years! Nothing like a half marathon to bring friends back together!) and Cecily's friend, Katelyn, along the way. And the four of us got to the starting area super early! It was nice because we got a great parking spot, were able to check our bags easily, and just kind of take in everything before the crowds came down. I only wish I had gotten a picture with my mom, who also ran and I only saw for a brief moment near the starting corrals!

Nike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundc
me and Cecily at the start
Nike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundc
nothing better at the end of a race than getting a little blue box from a man in a tux

When and Where:
  • Sunday, April 28th, 2013
  • Nike Women's Half Marathon, DC
What I'm Wearing:
  • visor, top, shorts - Nike (I had to!!)
  • shoes - Saucony

Nike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundcNike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundcNike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundc
me with Cecily, Crescent, and Leeanne (a friend from high school who was on the dive team with me!)

Nike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundcNike women's 1/2 marathon 2013! #werundc
my nike arm party and my finisher necklace!

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