Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Team in Training!


When I did the Ashburn Twilight Four Miler on June 8th, I bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and register for the Nation's Triathlon with Team in Training! I'm not sure what made me finally register, but I am so happy that I did!

I have never done a Triathlon before, so the whole thing is a little scary, in an exciting kind of way! Luckily, with TNT, there are coaches to help me through!

I have to admit, I was most worried about the fundraising. But only a week and a half into it, I am already 24% of the way to my goal of $2200! If you would like to contribute, here is the link:

I will be updating my blog with training updates, as well as trying to get back to daily outfits. I was on a roll for a while!


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