Wednesday, July 17, 2013

photo documenting


In looking back through all my pictures of this spring and summer (so far), I realized that when I blog, I have the best photo documentation of everything that is going on. As my blogging dwindles, so does my photo documentation. I love pictures and would much rather have too many, than too few.

Growing up, I used to love looking through my mom's shoe boxes of prints, and if I was really lucky, at the slides my dad shot. There were always a couple of good shots, and a few really bad ones, but all in all, you got the idea of what was going on. In the digital age, where photos are free, I see one of two things happening. We over shoot and over share photos. I am totally guilty of this. I think "well, we took this, we must have wanted to remember it." WRONG! I am learning that not every image needs to be saved/shared/posted to remember an event. Some can just be deleted. The second problem is that we take the fact that we always have a camera with us, our phones, for granted.

Not even a month ago Reid and I went to a wedding and I left my trusty, waterproof (or as I like to call it, partyproof) point and shoot camera in our hotel room. I said "oh, I forgot my camera" but because we were running a tad late, I then said "I'll just use my phone." But I didn't. My phone stayed in my purse and Reid and I only got one shot, a selfie, of us together all dressed up in our party clothes. It was such a bummer, because I really loved my whole outfit - and Reid looks extra handsome all dressed up!

I am posting these photos from the day before Foxfield 2013 to remind myself to carry around my camera (even if it's my iPhone), use it, pick out just the best pictures, and share.

Following tradition from the year before, Reid and I drove down on Friday, did some handstands on the South Lawn, got some drinks at Michael's Bistro, then met everyone at the Downtown Mall.


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