Thursday, September 19, 2013

since apparently I don't get dressed anymore... here's some food

jalapenos from my parents garden plot

Reid's mom sent him home with some jalapenos from their CSA just for me! When I mentioned it to my mom while we were at her garden plot, she told me to go ahead and pick as many as I thought were ready. Above you can see all the peppers that I picked! (say that three times fast -"the peppers that I picked, the peppers that I picked, the peppers that I picked...") I love spicy foods and do cook (or just chop and eat) with jalapenos a lot, but I didn't really know what I was going to do with 15 spicy devils... Then I remembered Michelle's recipe for Crazy Baked Frito Jalapeno Poppers!

Now, being me, I didn't so much follow the recipe as I glanced at the ingredients, knowing that I had to omit the panko to make them GF, looked at the pictures, and jumped in! Here's what I did:
  • wore gloves, as Michelle suggested
  • halved and seeded (I used a spoon to do this) the peppers
  • eyeballed about a cup of cream cheese into a bowl
  • added a cup of shredded cheese (I used some pepper jack and cheddar I had in the fridge) and mixed together
  • filled the peppers
  • rolled them in scrambled egg (Michelle used just whites, either would work)
  • then coated them in smashed fritos, pushing as many frito crumbs as I could into the cheese
  • baked for 25 min at 350

And the results? Delicious!


Reid and I also go a little bonus date night on Friday night. We had grand plans to grill some chicken (that we actually ate with the poppers instead), but because I got home late and was feeling lazy, we made GF BLTs with Turkey and cheese... so club sandwiches! They were amazing paired with our tri of chips - dill pickle, sour cream and onion, and BBQ, and our watermelon mojitos!

Reid joked that I was able to make our "whole dinner" in the time it took him to craft our cocktails. But he made hand crafted cocktails, I just made sandwiches! :)

gluten free club sandwiches on Udi's bread

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