Monday, November 25, 2013

Look Back: July 2011

July 2011 was a fun month. I went down to Reedville to visit my long time friend, Becca, for the 4th of July (and placed 3rd in our age group in a 5k!). Planned a crazy fun picnic with Jenny, to surprise Reid and Josh with Huey Lewis tickets (shocker, Jenny and I were more excited about the music than they were, but the picnic was AMAZING!) Took another trip to England for my cousin's wedding and then hopped the channel to Brussels to meed my best friend's brand new baby, my nephew James!

It seems like yesterday, but it also seems like a lifetime ago. Becca is now a mother to a little cutie pie daughter, and real babies have replaced the shared drink "shake the baby" in her circle of friends in Reedville. I'm so happy that the girls from Reston and I drove down shortly before her daughter was born, for a day on her in-laws boat, but unfortunately, May 2012 was the last time that I visited her.

Erin has left Brussels and is now in Qatar. Her son, who I got to see in August, is 2 1/2 and will become a big brother before he turns 3. (so exciting!!!)

And I'm no longer posting everything that I wear. Though, as always, reflecting on what I did, makes me think that maybe I should - no, I need to, start putting together posts on a more regular basis. This blog serves as a visual scrapbook of my life, and I should let it continue in that fashion.

DSC_0046red skirt one_0032
red skirt two_0038sunshine_0015
LBD, sorta_0057DSC_0032

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