Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Look Back: June 2011

A long time ago, this blog was all about what I put on each day. Had some fun on tumblr posting every little crazy thing that popped into my head and started with outfits posted there in 2010. Then I thought it would be fun to have a really dedicated blog only to what I was wearing.

Nearly 4 years later, I'm back to a mish mosh of my interests, my life, what I'm eating, and sometimes what I'm wearing while doing it. In 2012 I started doing a look back of what I wore the year before and I remember it both served as a post when I needed one (the plight of a blogger, sometimes there's just not anything to share!) and some inspiration for the future! So here's what I was blogging about in June of 2011:

Looking back on these photos I can only think 1)damn, I had some great abs, 2)I looked pretty put together back then, and 3)poor Reid, I never dress up like this for him anymore! :)

But maybe I should.

I mean, I don't need to go "style blogger crazy" or anything, but maybe a goal of 4 outfit posts a month isn't totally out of the question! :)

fit style: short run_0056DSC_0029
Taste of Reston_0040short shorts_0083

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