Tuesday, November 5, 2013

pumpkin carving date night


Reid and I have known each other forever, so it's always a nice surprise to learn something new about him. What I learned while we carved a pumpkin on date night was that he loves pumpkin seeds and takes the time to rescue every single one.

I can't even tell you the last time that I carved a pumpkin! But knowing that I wanted to do a cute little Halloween photo shoot as a fundraiser for TNT, I couldn't pass up the call for pumpkin carving volunteers at work, since it meant that I could use the pumpkin for my shoot over the weekend and then carve it to bring to work on Tuesday. Win, win.

At first I wanted to do a cat. I have seen super cute cat pumpkins, either where it's carved to be the face of a cat, or with triangles on top for cat ears, or just the outline of the cat. Then I thought, wait, but cat's might be Halloween, but I am a dog person! Reid and I googled some dog pumpkins (and there are a lot of really talented pumpkin carvers out there who carve amazing dog faces!) and I settled on this super cute outline.

First, I scooped out the pumpkin...
...while Penny supervised from the stairs over the table.
then I free hand sketched our outline with orange sharpie, and we got to carving!
funny story, all we had to carve with was Reid's cutco trimmer... not the best for pumpkin carving...

All in all, I think our pumpkin carving was a success! I love that we included Penny in our design, even if the pumpkin didn't stay on my front porch and ended up as part of the Nature House's Halloween trail. I actually have 2 more pumpkins that we had planned on carving for Halloween, but we ended up not having enough time. I think we're going to salvage the seeds and bake something with them, so not all will be lost!


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