Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Look Back: August 2011

It's been all hair tutorials, real life, and look back posts here for a while. I have actually been getting dressed AND taking pictures though. It's just finding the time edit the photos and write the posts that's been the problem. It's not just outfit photos that have fallen through the cracks, it's client photos too!

It's a part of my process that I have to work on. I want to provide high quality, fine art portraits, but I want to be affordable. That means that my photography business has been a money losing endeavor thus far. :(

But back in August 2011, I was still using my selfies to work on my photography and even did this guest post on improve photography about it. I was also rocking some borrowed clothes from Annie, which, is the best way to temporarily expand your wardrobe! It was a lot of fun wearing and styling her clothes for a while!

Even though winter has just begun here in Reston (and we just had our first snows!), looking back at these posts makes me long for summer.

renewed_0042Annie's pick_0001
so posh_0028ugg... literally_0007
DSC_0002prep style_0012
the clothes off her back_0047Daphne_0004
DSC_0027skirting the issue_0001
the calm before_0032cherry on top_0019
easy monday_0007DSC_0019
sunshine on a cloudy day_0009DSC_0001
before swim lessons_0008DSC_0015

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