Thursday, January 23, 2014

coaching SLHS

Swim 17 January 2014-74

I used to try to take pictures at dive meets (like these awesome ones from Jake's first trip to regions), but capturing good diving shots, while coaching is REALLY hard work! That's why I'm so happy that one of the parents is totally on their game with these amazing photos from our meets!

Though I have to say I should probably smile more during meets!

So this is actually my 10th season coaching high school diving, and my 9th with South Lakes (my former High School!). It's crazy to think that with my 4 years, plus coaching, that this is my 13th season with the team. Crazy. I did also realize that I am now closer in age to the swim/dive parents than I am to the swimmers/divers. It's been a crazy transition! I mean, when I started, I was just 5-ish years older than my mostly senior, dive team. How time flies!

Anyway, coaching is totally my passion, and even though it stinks to have to practice late at night (our practices are from 8:30-9:30pm), it's worth it to see my divers improve so much over the season!

Swim 17 January 2014-22
Swim 17 January 2014-75
Swim 10 January 2014-182

And here are my adorable divers of the 2013-2014 season!
Swim 17 January 2014-1

Photo Credit to Mark Majoros

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