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racing and training in 2014


I recapped my race year in my NYE/NYD post and it was really nice to share my goals for the previous year, after I had made so much progress on them! It's like "oh yeah, I set a goal and I met it, I'm a rockstar." Rather than my usual: share, get scared, miss it, and forget about it.

BUT since my running goals are very similar this year, I figured I would go ahead and share them now.

2013 Goals:
  • Goal 1: run 1 race a month
  • Goal 2: run 100 miles in one month
  • Goal 3: run 20 miles/month minimum

2014 Goals:
  • Goal 1: run 1 race a month/16 races over the year
  • Goal 2: run 100 miles in one month
  • Goal 3: run 25 miles/month minimum
  • Goal 4: run 1 time per week minimum
  • Goal 5: swim 1 time per week minimum
And just like 2013, if I happen to miss a month racing (right now it's looking tough for February with my work/swim meet schedule UPDATE: I was able to make a race work on February 9th! Looking forward to it!), I'm not going to get down about it. I have PLENTY of races this spring to make up for a missed month!

Here's what I have planned so far:
  • New Year's Day 5k - 1/1/2014 - 24:59
  • UPDATE: Run Your Heart Out 5k - 2/9/2014 - 24:58Rene's first race in 10 years!
  • Rock'n'Roll USA 1/2 Marathon - 3/15/14 - 1:54:27
  • UPDATE: Run for Haiti 5k - 3/22/14 - Rene's second race in 10 years!
  • Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - 4/6/14 - 1:23:55
  • Rock'n'Roll Raleigh 1/2 Marathon - 4/13/14 - 1:56:44
  • Nike Women's DC 1/2 Marathon with Team in Training - 4/27/2014 1:51:59
  • Mother's Day 4 Miler - 5/11/2014 34:13
  • UPDATE:Girls on the Run 5k at Mosaic - 5/17/2014 away for a swim meet
  • *Columbia Triathlon - Olympic Distance - 5/18/2014
  • UPDATE: HER5k - 5/31/2014 - too sick to go
  • Reston Sprint Triathlon - 6/1/2014
  • ROC (ridiculous obstacle course) Race - 6/14/2014 chose to do a long run instead
  • Twilight 4 Miler - 6/21/2014 at a wedding, Amanda ran in my place!
  • Firecracker 5k - 7/4/2014 25:48
  • *Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon - 8/17/2014 heard it was great, but decided to long run instead!
  • South Lakes 10k - 8/24/2014 51:48
  • Nation's Triathlon - Olympic Distance - 9/7/2014
  • UPDATE: Rock'n'Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon - 9/21/2014
  • Reston Perfect 10 - 10 mile - 9/28/2014
  • Army 10 Miler - 10/12/2014
  • Marine Corps Marathon - 10/26/2014
  • UPDATE:*NYC Marathon - 11/2/2014 (I entered the lottery)(and I didn't get in)
  • Run with Santa 5k - 12/7/2014
  • *Fairfax 4 Miler - 12/31/2014

*races have been planned but not registered for yet. I will also update my finishing times in bold and link to any posts about the race as I complete them.

Lucky for me, I have some great running/training buddies that will keep me working, even when I don't want to! :)

Justina keeps me going in the pool. I am so glad that she puts up with my whining when sets get long or hard, otherwise I don't know what I would do! She's a rockstar and never skips a repeat or modifies the set for a shorter distance, so hopefully the more I swim with her, the more like her I'll become!

Lauren is my new running buddy (and she sometimes swims with me and Justina at HAC) and I'm hoping she'll meet some of my other running buddies as we train. She just did her first 5k in 2013 and is training for her very first 1/2 marathon in April with me on my Team in Training team!

I should also note that while I am participating it a lot of races this spring, some back to back, I am not racing all of them. Signing up for races keeps me motivated to run, so the price to just participate is worth it to me! Depending on how I am feeling, I will probably push the Rock'n'Roll USA and the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, run the Rock'n'Roll Raleigh with my mom, then run the Nike 1/2 just under 2 hours with Lauren!

As for the plan, it looks a little something like this:
  • Monday - Swim AM
  • Tuesday - optional TM 1 mile
  • Wednesday - optional Swim AM, TM tempo run 3-5 miles PM
  • Thusrday - Swim AM, TM easy run PM
  • Friday - Swim AM
  • Saturday - REST
  • Sunday - Long Run AM
I am also doing this 3 days on, 1 day off strength training challenge. And when we have to workout inside on the weekends due to weather, adding in some more lifting.


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