Sunday, March 16, 2014

Look Back: February 2012

February 2012 was all about leggings apparently! And seriously, look at how long (and blonde!) my hair was. Even though I love the shorter 'do I've been sporting, I can't help by be envious of my former Rapunzel length hair! I can't decide if I should start to grow it out again now, or go for one more short cut while it's already short... Decisions, decisions!

Also, should I ask questions on my blog? I used to ask a lot of questions, but I have gotten away from that in my writing as this blog has evolved. While we're on the subject of questions... should I keep Disqus on here? Go to the blogger commenting? Or just ask for comments on the Facebook post? OMG, so many blog questions!

I know I say it on nearly every look back post, but looking back to two years ago is a great way for me to evaluate where I have been, where I am now, and where I think I want to go, not just with blogging, but with real life too. I know that I need to slow down my work life and work a little smarter (not longer hours, as is my normal MO). And I need to make sure that I carve out time for the people (and pup) that are important to me. I think I also need to take a break from thinking about the big picture of things, and start looking at the little things a little more.

Doing those things will help me make the spring of 2014 amazing! :)


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