Sunday, April 13, 2014

Look Back: April 2012

I started April 2012 with a haircut, (the first picture is from before, all the rest are after) but even still my hair looks so long!!! With my recent outfit posts, I realize that I do actually like my hair both lengths, but that with long hair I could "fake" a style much more easily than I can with short hair. I remember days of long hair where I would just twist it into a bun - like I still do quite often - but because I had so much hair, it would look more like a style. And a bonus was that the next day it would be wavy and I could wear my hair down without much work. That is not the case with shoulder length hair. My buns look like a pointy mess and when I take my hair down it's a kinky mane. Good thing hair grows!

I love that all of these outfits are layered looks. Layers seem to work really well for springtime, since there can be a temperature swing of 30+ degrees in one day!


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