Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jamberry sample, so easy!!

My friend from high school, Kelley, just became a jamberry consultant. I would say that she sells jamberry nail wraps, but really, she's just been sharing photos of her awesome manicures with friends and they pretty much sell themselves! Her nails always looked so amazing in her posts that when she offered to send me a sample, I jumped at the chance to give jams a try.

I watched this video that Kelley posted and decided to give it a shot in the few minutes before work this morning.

Side note: the pink on my nails is from a manicure that I got in Charlottesville 5 days ago, for someone who swim 2-4 times a day, I'm amazed it hasn't chipped!

I cut the nail wrap in half with my nail clippers (because I was too lazy to find the scissors) and took off the polish from my pinky nails, figuring that 100% acetone would be as good for prepping as alcohol.

I held the nail wrap from the cut side, careful to minimize skin contact with the adheasive, and pulled it off the backing. Then used my hair dryer to heat it for 10 seconds. I lined it up with my cuticle line and smoothed it down with another nail, working from the middle toward the edges. Then I did the pull and smoothed more and more with lots of pressure from another nail.
I trimmed and filed it, trimming any fraying caused by my coarse file, and did the plastic baggy thing from the video (bascially wrapped my finger with plastic, heated it again, and smoothed again with lost of pressure through the baggy), and was done! It was so easy!

I am probably more please with the ease of using the Jamberry nail wraps than I thought I would be! They were very, very easy to apply and so far so good with their wearability! They survived a trip in the pool and a day full of typing so far. I have no doubt that they'll make it though another few swims and my workout tonight too! If you're interested in a sample or ordering from Kelley, here's her link: I'll keep you updated on how they last and the Jamberry pedicure I'm dying to give myself!

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