Friday, July 25, 2014

another wedding, another yellow dress

justin and calla's wedding 4

Apparently its the season for weddings and yellow dresses (see the one I wore 4 weeks earlier here)! This dress has actually been sitting in my closet (several closets actually, since I have moved twice since buying it) with tags on it for a few years. I bought it to wear to Foxfield in 2013, but ended up wearing this one (third photo down) instead.

It's funny because I was a little self conscious when I decided to wear this dress, but Reid assured me that it looked great! (And pairing it with these shoes felt like a match made in heaven, even though the ribbons look a little too yellow in the photos.) But I was actually stopped on the downtown mall by several people to complement me on my dress and my shoes were a conversation starter with with some of the female guests I didn't know.

Justin and Calla's wedding was absolutely fabulous! (you can see some of my photos in my Summer 2014 album and their wedding photos here, Lucy was impressive!) And since we were all dressed up, Reid, Cobey, Carolyn, and I, went outside right after dinner for a few minutes to do a quick photo shoot. You can see those as the bottom of this post. I just love the light in them! :)

justin and calla's wedding 12
justin and calla's wedding 5

When and Where:
  • Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
  • to Justin and Calla's wedding
What I'm Wearing:
  • dress - Calvin Klein via Lohemann's
  • shoes - Ann Taylor (on sale last summer for $12!!!!)

justin and calla's wedding 1 (1)
justin and calla's wedding 14
justin and calla's wedding 2 (1)justin and calla's wedding 4 (1)

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