Saturday, August 30, 2014

once upon a pie (gluten free mini pecan pies, to be exact)


Once upon a time (last year, for Thanksgiving, when I wore this), I made some gluten free, mini pecan pies! These are more photos that got overlooked (remember when I told you I found a bunch of blog photos), but I remember these pies being so good that I figured since we're less than 3 months from Thanksgiving, why not share them now!

As you can see from the photos, I used Pilsbury Gluten Free pie crust from the refrigerated section and I followed this recipe from Slate. I was drawn to it because I have a major problem with corn syrup. I just can't bring my self to purchase it, even if I haven't fully eliminated it from my diet (come on, candy is good... I love candy... candy has corn syrup in it).

I was super worried that the pies would taste really mapley, but they don't! They taste perfectly, like classic pecan pie, only gluten free and mini! I know that there is a photo of me rolling my dough between wax paper, with a wine bottle, but that's not what I ended up doing. The GF pie dough was buttery (or maybe crisco-y, I don't want to think about it) enough for me to just push a little ball into the muffin tin with my fingers, forming the pie crust that way. It was super easy! The second time I made these pies, I just took pinches of dough from the container as I needed them.


What I made: Gluten Free Mini Pecan Pies


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