Saturday, August 9, 2014

velata spices - Smoked Paprika Artisan Rub


My friend Jennifer, a super business woman, is putting together a cookbook with some of her Velata products (<----That link goes to her site) and asked for some help creating new recipes/uses for the artisan rubs. Of course, my first question to her was "are they gluten free?" and when she told me that all of the products are, then I said "where do I sign up!?"

I'm not exactly sure I created any new recipes, but I can tell you that I enjoyed their deliciousness! :) First up, Reid and I added the Smoked Paprika Artisan Rub to our Friday night burger salads. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! It was smokey and delicious!!! It added a kick without heat and was a delicious addition to an already pretty awesome salad.


We've been lazy about grilling, so we have been broiling our burgers. It seems to work pretty well, since it's just "reverse grilling" with the heat on the top. I sprinkled the rub onto both sides of the burger, then cooked them under the broiler. Then I sprinkled more of the rub on top of the cheese.

Burger salads are pretty straight forward. You just make a salad with all the fixings of a burger! I like to dress mine with BBQ sauce and Ranch Dressing. It's pretty much the best way to eat a burger, if I do say so myself! In fact, when Jennifer and I worked at a restaurant together, we'd often split a burger on a salad (and some spinach dip) after our shifts. It's funny that the first recipe I would share for one of her products would be something that linked us from the past.


The finishing touch for my burger salad are these sweet-hot pickles that I pick up at the Reston Farmers Market. I am OBSESSED! Lauren and I have been hitting up the farmers market after out Saturday morning long runs to visit A Bit More for their delicious gluten free scones, but while there, I discovered Fresh Crunch and their amazing pickles. They're the finishing touch to my burger salad, that was made better by the Velata Smoked Paprika Artisan Rub. (<----in case you want to order some!)

here's how to tell whose is whose - Liz on the left, Reid on the Right :)

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