Monday, September 15, 2014

Beautycounter, butterflies, and my thoughts on business

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My Beautycounter business has been on my mind a lot lately and here's why. I want to build a business, but I don't want to be known for selling skincare. My driving intention is to help share Beautycounter's social mission that we deserve better. We, as American consumers, deserve to know what is in the products we choose to use and surround ourselves with, and we deserve regulations that protect us. Right now, the personal care industry is largely unregulated. In the European Union, there are over 1300 chemicals that are banned from use in personal care products and cosmetics, the US only bans 11 chemicals. There are some companies that market products both places, under the same label and brand name, but with different formulations. They make a version that is arguably safer, for Europe and a "free for all" version for the United States.

Safety and skincare aside, I also want to support the direct sales industry. It's an awesome opportunity for (mostly women) people to become entrepreneurs and business owners. You get to write your own check based on how hard you work. I did a direct sales business when I was younger and could write the book on how not to do it, so it's hard to not fall into the same patterns! Direct sales requires work, but luckily that work is a lot of fun! I suggest that if you're thinking about a direct sales business, you should contact your consultant and just do it! And here are my suggestions for getting started:

  • Buy the consultant kit (usually $75-150) and what you will personally use and that is it! Surely there are stats that will be shared with you that the most successful people start with the highest product level, but remember that the person telling you that is making commission on your order. It will always be there to order, don't over do it!
  • Along that line, you do NOT need inventory. People will wait for products and your kit should come with enough things for people to gauge quality of what is in the catalog. As you make commission, reinvest a portion of it to build your samples.
  • Offer it to your friends, but don't feel bad when they don't want to be customers. They are your friends, they want to support you, but they might not want to be customers and that's okay!
  • Reach out to people outside of your immediate network to find customers. Once you start to be successful sharing your business with people outside your immediate network, your friends will be more interested!
  • Support your friends that are in other direct sales businesses, even if they sell a competing product. This one is tough, but remember, they started their business for the same reasons you did - for themselves and their families - not to compete with you. There is plenty of room in the market place for all kinds of products! And each has their own pros and cons. And when they have a complementary product, do parties together! Sure, sales are lower for the amount of people, but generally you meet people you wouldn't otherwise meet!

That's all I want to include for now, but I certainly have other things to do and not do on my mind. Well, like right now I'm thinking "don't be afraid to ask for the booking!" And with that, I am off to ask my network to let me crash their homes with my Beautycounter business! :)

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When and Where:
  • Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
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