Tuesday, September 2, 2014

organic pedicure at Organic Nails with Lambeth

organic nails 2

I could live in this sweater, and pretty much have been since I picked it up at the outlets at the beach. I wore this outfit when I went to get pedicures with my friend, and Beautycounter buddy, Lambeth! It was Lambeth that originally introduced me to Beautycounter last November, before her second son was born. I immediately signed up as a member, but I waited to make product purchases because I wanted to do my own research on the information that was shared at the social and, as I've shared before, I thought I was happy with what I was using.

It took me nearly 6 months to make a move toward using healthier products, but once I started really looking in to it, I knew I had to make a change. It was the book Toxin, Toxout that really brought it home for me. I had already made the change to safer personal care and home products, but I was on the fence about food and wasn't sure what to do about my monthly pedicure! In the book, they use nail salons as an example of a toxic environment, mostly for the workers, but still, I wasn't sure how to handle the pedicure predicament. I'm all in when it comes to detoxing and un-cheming my life, as long as I still get to feel like a pretty, pretty princess! Luckily, Lambeth was there to rescue me from toxins, yet again, by suggesting Organic Nails in Vienna!

And boy, was it amazing! Not only was it clean, with an amazing selection of 5 free polishes, but it was a great price AND they served me champagne! Luxury, low toxin, and a great value - this is why I'll be driving to Vienna for all of my upcoming pedicures from now on! I am counting the days until I get to go back for another pedicure (and possibly a massage!) after my triathlon this weekend.

organic nails 3
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When and Where:
  • Sunday, August 17th, 2014
  • around the house and to Organic Nails in Vienna, VA
What I'm Wearing:
  • sweater - Banana Republic Factory Store
  • top - Gap, a gift from Besty
  • shorts - J Crew

organic nails 7

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