Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Army Ten Miler (and some other runs)


On Sunday I ran the Army Ten Miler for the 8th time in a row (though it was officially my 7th, since the first year I ran wearing my mom's bib). It was also my fastest 10 miler ever. I PRed by 20 seconds with a time of 1:21:50. I realized while running that I don't like to be uncomfortable. I will run just to the point where things start to feel hard, then I back off just a bit... But I probably shouldn't. Racing and racing faster is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It's something that my training at 11-12 minute miles just isn't working for. My endurance, however, is amazing!

I say that because I was able to dance at the finish line of the ATM for a full hour (first waiting for Lauren to finish, then with her) after the race. So with the Marathon coming up in a week and a half, I know I'm ready to endure the marathon, I just don't know at what pace. I'm actually getting anxious just thinking about it, so I guess it's time to just trust my training and tell you a little about how it's all been going!


Amanda, Joanna, and I hit the trail on Saturday the 27th for a 14.5 miler that left both of my running buddies with knee pain that laid them up for the following week's "last long run." Both of them have gotten into the high teens/ low 20s on long runs during this training cycle, so they'll both be able to complete the marathon, but feeling pain 4 weeks out isn't great for the nerves!


The next day, Lauren and I ran the You Decide 10 mile run in Reston. Gotta hand it to PRR for putting on another fabulous race!! I just LOVE their runs! I took Lauren out fast (again...), but this time hung with her until the final mile. It was a great pacing run and I felt pretty AMAZING afterwards! Lauren was even within a minute of her PR (which is hard to do in Reston because of the hills!)! :)

I really liked the couple of long runs, followed by races that I did this year. Like running the South Lakes 10k the day after a 16 miler and I think it really helped me for my tri (which I still need to post about!).


Then Crescent and Sarah joined me and Lauren for the aforementioned "last long run" of 22.3 miles. It was fun to have new runners in the group! I hope these ladies join us in the future for long runs and shorter runs and more RACES!!!

Speaking of races, I started thinking about I did with my 2014 race schedule (with my limited training in 2013). At this point last year I was running, but not really running well. By comparison, I think I am having the best fall race season that I have had since 2009 (pre marathon training). I think I am going to stick with my crazy race schedule for 2015 and maybe even step it up a bit!! It's exciting!!


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  1. Nice Job on the PR. I like that you do so many races. I wish I did. I just can't seem to get Dave to commit to watching Ella so then I don't register.


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