Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Team in Training - at it again!

What have I gotten myself into!?

I shared what it was like to be a community team captain on a call for TNT this fall and started to think about what I could do in 2015 to top my involvement in 2014 (where my team raised almost $15,000 between Nike and Joanna's participation in the Marine Coprs Marathon). I came up with the number $20,000. I want to help to raise $20,000 in 2015 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There, I have said it in print. That is my goal.

To reach that goal I first thought of trying to run the Boston Marathon. High on my sub 4 finish at the MCM, I emailed my contact at LLS to see if it was possible. There was a slim chance that I could get in for 2015, so I applied, even though the $5,000 minimum, plus travel (since the Boston bibs are through the local Boston chapter) scared me. I didn't get in.

Then I let my life take over for a little while. Until just after the new year when I started to think about my training and goals. That's when I realized that 2015 might be the perfect year to try the 70.3 Ironman distance (that's 1/2 Iron) for me! After my amazing experience with TNT for my first triathlon, I knew I had to do my first 70.3 with them! I registered an opened my fundraising page for the Eagleman 70.3 yesterday!

What what about my team!?! Well, we had been looking for a replacement race for the Nike Women's 1/2, since it's not coming back to DC this year, but we were having trouble deciding on a Spring or Summer event. That's when it hit me! The Marine Corps Marathon, which I had been planning on doing with TNT anyway, would make the PERFECT team event because current team members, like Kristin and Joanna, were planning on doing the marathon anyway.

So there you have it... a half iron and a goal of raising $20,000 this year with my team! What have I gotten myself into!?! :)

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