Tuesday, January 20, 2015

whole 30 - week two (with travel!!)

Whole 30Whole 30
Leftover caramelized onion and mushroom meatballs with potatoes and pineapple-jalapeno meatballs with zoodles (recipe here).

Two weeks into the whole 30 and I feel absolutely AMAZE-TASTIC! I think I hit the Magic around day 9, which would be a little early according to this timeline, but I think I also hit the digestive/pants tighter part earlier too.

The week was pretty normal for me, lots of work, lots of leftovers, but I was pretty nervous about the weekend, since I had to travel with the Commanders to a swim meet in Baltimore. To counter act my nervousness, I packed SO MUCH FOOD! I brought a big lunchbox/cooler full of the following:
  • a bag of clemintines
  • 20 larabars (overkill)
  • 7 bags of freeze dried strawberries (also overkill)
  • 4 avocados
  • salad dressing made of Tessemae's lemon garlic mixed with balsamic vinegar
  • apple sauce pouches (for during my run)

It totally worked! I wasn't hungry at all and I felt like I always had something to eat if I needed to! I also STRETCHED and advocated better for myself when we went out to eat than ever before. I made sure to explain that not only did I need my meal to be Gluten Free, but also to please make it plain. The one "mistake" that I made while eating out was assuming that the chili at Red Robin wouldn't have beans. So I had to scrape off the chili and I ate the meat out of it... I'm sure legume/anti-nutrient wise, I probably shouldn't have done that, but it was really tasty and I was having a hard time not eating the bottomless fries with ranch. I feel like it was a HUGE victory for my will power!! :)

Whole 30Whole 30
Avocado deviled eggs (just use mashed avocado and lemon juice instead of mayo) and leftover meatballs on a salad with mango
Whole 30Whole 30
These snacks have been saving me at work and on the go!
Whole 30Whole 30
Coconut curry chicken and steak two ways (one with salt and pepper and beet horseradish and one with chili lime rub)
Burger at the swim meet with salsa and mustard and Steak Tuscano from Olive Garden
Lara Bars have been my savior for breakfast or snack and a Red Robin burger with steamed broccoli.

My other little victory from the weekend was the fact that I was still able to get my long run in! It's so easy to just skip planned workouts when you're on the road, so in order to hold my self accountable, I told all the older kids that I would be running during their swim meet session. I thought about doing 14 miles, and knew that if I started by 8am, I would have time. But since I didn't get on the treadmill until 8:09am, I decided to just do 12 miles. I know just 12 miles on a treadmill!!!

I can safely say that is the longest I have ever spent on a treadmill in my entire life!! Lucky for me, there was a TV in the workout room, so instead of watching Netflix or Hulu on my phone (my new treadmill strategy instead of music), I was able to watch a movie on the actual TV! I watched Bring it On: All or Nothing and it was perfectly mindless to run to! :)

Who else out there is doing the Whole 30? How's it going?

What's your longest treadmill run? And how do you pass the time on the 'mill?


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