Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Run Your Heart Out 5k - 2015


I almost want to call this post "running fast isn't easy" because while I was pacing Amanda, she said a few times that it felt hard. :) But let's rewind first to how we got to hard running in the first place!

Amanda, Meg (and her husband Jesse), and Emily and I had all planned on running the Run Your Heart Out 5k and then tacking on some extra miles to turn it into our long run for the weekend, kind of like what we did with the Run for Haiti 5k last year. Last year, this race was at South Lakes High School, but because Potomac River Running added the For the Love of It 10k at SLHS, they moved it to Fairfax Corner. And I have to say, I was very pleased with the change! I have come to like running the 5k pathway course (hills and all) by SLHS, but I would still pick an on road course over it any day!

So the original plan was that I was going to pace Meg and Amanda to around a 28 minute finish. I was even bragging on my ability to pace people because I was good a gauging pace... well... 9 times out of 10, when I brag about being good at something, I usually end up making a fool out of myself. And this, of course, was no exception!

Meg wasn't feeling great at the start of the race, so told Amanda and I to go ahead if we needed to, but we all started together. I thought for sure that 3 min of running and 30 seconds of walking would keep us right about an 8:50 pace, but I think I had us running a bit too fast. Amanda and I ended up leaving Meg, and when we got to mile 1, I let Amanda in on the good news and bad news. The good news was that her magic mile time (she thought it was 9:30) was an 8:11, and the bad news was I might have taken her out too fast. But she seems to be working hard, but okay, so we kept with it.

Mile 2 and 3 were a little more even, pacing right around an 8:45 pace. Amanda really rose to the occasion, and even though she kept saying it felt hard, she stuck with the pace! When I looked at my watch at mile 3, I asked her what her PR was, thinking that it was right around 27 minutes, and wouldn't you know, we crossed the finish line in 26:40! A PR for her by 29 seconds! (I used athlinks to search her race history to find her PR, since not everyone is as crazy about tracking their race times as I am!).

This just proves to me even more that consistent training (even without speedwork) builds a great base for racing great times! It has me really excited for even more consistent training with my running girls, and of course, more races with Potomac River Running!

Run Your Heart Out 5K 2-8-15-9231

Being gluttons for punishment, the girls and I left the race and headed immediately to Burke Lake Park to finish up with 7.6 miles for the day!


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