Friday, April 10, 2015

Rock'n'Roll DC 2015

Rock n roll dc 1/2 marathon

What's wrong with this photo? Well, it was taken through a ziplock bag because the Ron'n'Roll DC (formerly USA) half marathon was the RAINIEST race I have ever run!! Talk about #badASS! So it was super rainy and pretty darn cold, BUT it'd didn't stop Amanda from clocking in at 2:08:47 an over 20 minute PR!! (her previous actually being from the 2012 MCM split at 2:23 something, and before that from the worst race on the planet earth - the VA Wine Country Half Marathon of 2:29:22)

I had this idea that I could get Amanda to run around a 2:15, so I asked her at the beginning of the race if she was up for getting paced. She agreed and asked me not to share our mile splits, just to encourage her as we went! We did a 5:1, 2:1, 2:1 (and repeat) interval for the first 8 or so miles and then went to a straight 2:1 and then to a 1:30 for the remainder of the race! It was AWESOME!!! I am sooo proud of her!

The day before the race, Kristin and I proved that we shouldn't be allowed to shop together! We ended up buying complete new outfits for ourselves, Amanda, and Tess, so that we could all match at the race. It was so much fun wearing matching stuff, but it was a little sad that it was such a dreary day!

Rock n roll dc 1/2 marathon
Here we all are at the start
Rock n roll dc 1/2 marathon http://restonstyle.comRock n roll dc 1/2 marathon

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