Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 4 Miler


Just like last year, I celebrated my birthday by running my first race as a new age (still in the same age group, thank goodness!). Amanda and I ran together because I "wanted to take it easy" but then I ended up pacing her through a descending mile workout!

I had run 12.1 miles with Allison and Lauren the day before using a 1:1 interval, but keeping a 10:17 average pace, so I felt pretty spent starting out. Amanda and I started with a 10:15, dropped to a 9:12, followed that with a 8:53, and ended with an 8:36 doing a 2 min run:30 second interval with some course based running (walking up hills and running more on flats and down hills). I am slowly teaching Amanda that fast running, though hard, is a lot of fun!

And again, Potomac River Running put on a GREAT race! I can't say enough times how wonderful their races are. They are so well organized that they are the perfect race for beginners and race junkies (like myself) a like! Plus, free, awesome photos from their flickr page!

Mother's Day 4 Miler 5-10-15-3840
Mother's Day 4 Miler 5-10-15-3843
Mother's Day 4 Miler 5-10-15-3911
Mother's Day 4 Miler 5-10-15-4165

As you can see, a bunch of the girls from our running group participated on Mother's Day Sunday - me, Amanda, Allison, and Kristin. Emily was also there, but for the life of me, I can't find her photo on the flickr site! This happened during the Run Your Heart Out 5k too!!


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