Friday, June 5, 2015

how to start running (Month Zero)


"Step one, start running. Step two... there is no step two." - Barney Stinson

Somehow I became a known as a running coach. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I naturally want to organize people and plan things, and that when I am interested in something, I tend to want to learn a lot about it. But its become more that just planning group runs for my friends. I've now stepped into developing training plans for people outside of my circle and virtually coaching friends long distance friends!

Let me introduce you to Lauren, who's blog can be found here: Lauren and I are friends through Beautycounter and we began talking about fitness and running and our other passions, and Lauren said that she wanted to become a runner, but didn't think she could. Of course, I believe that everyone can run, so I convinced her to do a little blogsperiment with me, where I coach her virtually and we both post how the training/coaching is going!

So here we are, Lauren has done her VERY FIRST RUN outside in 13 years (read about it here)! She and Kristin's (from my TNT team) friend, Nicole, are following the same beginning running plan that I developed for a February half marathon goal. This is a plan that ANYONE, and ANY fitness level can start, because they can sub in the runs for walks in this month. It's just about getting moving on a regular basis. And of course, I have to give props to Jeff Galloway, since he is how I discovered the magic of the run/walk/run method!

So if you have never run a step before in your life, give this plan a shot! This is Month Zero, the month before you start training for your first race. If you already have some fitness, check out my 6 weeks to your first race plan here.

month zero

Tips and Tricks to starting out:
  • get fitted at a running store for the right shoes
  • make sure you have a good, supportive sports bra
  • track your workouts - how long, how far, how they felt
  • follow your plan, even when you don't feel like it (you will always feel better after a run)
  • adjust your plan when you have to - sometimes you have to skip a work out, just move on and keep going!
  • get an accountability partner - a friend to run with you or at least to check in with!
  • have fun!

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