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Planning for the Whole 30 - 2016

whole 30

Last January I did the Whole 30 for the first time! I feel like I was incredibly successful, especially for where I was starting. You see, I am a junk food-a-holic. And while celiac disease is awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it's silver lining is that I can't just go through a drive through and get fast food any time I wish. And I can't indulge on packaged party mix, every appetizer on TGI Friday's menu, and even worse, all of the frozen versions in the grocery store! But it doesn't mean I don't still eat junk food... I have certainly found gluten free fake foods to satisfy almost every junk food craving. Almost. There's no gluten free Burger King Whopper, but I digress.

Recently I discovered Lance Gluten Free Sandwich Crackers.I bought 4 boxes of each flavor, each with eight 1oz packages, and ate them inside of a week. Yes, it satisfied a 3 year craving, but it really was ridiculous. I have also slipped back into stopping by 7-11 for snacks. 7-11 and gas station convenience stores are a strange weakness of mine. They have delicious chips and snacks that you can't find anywhere else. My current favorite: Chester's Fries.So you see, I have work to do!

Luckily, I can eat these horrible, awful, fake food items, and it doesn't really effect my body on the outside. I won the genetic lottery and, like my dad, can eat pretty much anything and stay around the same size. But just because my BMW CAN run on regular gas, doesn't mean it should; it's designed for premium fuel. And that is what the Whole 30 is about for me. It's about re-setting my body so that I can optimize it. Because, I'm fairly certain that I could feel way better than I do currently. And I'm sure that my diet plays a large role in how I feel. In fact, I went to an acupuncturist and pretty much had that confirmed, but that's a story for another post!


Never heard of the Whole 30? Start at their site with the program rules: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/, it will give you a quick gist of the program. Basically it is a 30 day way of eating that can reset your body, change your relationship with food, and give you an over all health boost. There are rules, like no sugar and no comfort foods, but the meat and bones of it is eat... well... meat, veggies, and fruit. Eat healthy whole foods.

In order to stay accountable last year, I insta'd the crap out of everything I ate. Not that anyone called me out for not posting a meal, but it felt fun to post everything that went on my plate and into my belly. It also got people commenting, asking for recipes, and kept me talking about the fact that I was doing the Whole 30, why, how I felt about it, and that helped me stay accountable.

Not to tangent too much, but I really like sharing what I am doing, even if it means I'll have to share how I failed at it later. See, if I say "Oh, I'm going to do this thing." Then later people ask me about it, I can a)tell them my progress, what I am learning, and how its going. b)thank them for reminding me that I was going to do that and it inspires me to get back to the plan. Or c)it gives me a chance to say "yeah, I changed my mind, but now I'm doing..." So that's one of the reasons why I love sharing what I am going to do, what I'm doing, and what I've done.

Here's a recap of last year's Whole 30. You can click on each image to see the post:

I think the key to my success last year was meal prep and planning. This year it will be a little tougher, because I'm not doing the program with Lauren living in my house. It was nice to have someone to share the cooking and meal planning with. But I certainly won't use that as an excuse to fail!

Here's a little list of things I will be repeating for 2016:
  • Meatballs - these were awesome to have in the fridge ready to go for quick meals!
  • Breaking the bacon rule - you'll notice that I have bacon. That is my one rule that I am breaking. There is a tiny bit of sugar in my bacon, but I need it.
  • flavors and sauces - my meatballs were different flavors, I made chimichurry sauce, mayos, ketchup, and salsas to keep things interesting
  • Avocado - This healthy fat is a staple of my diet during the Whole 30, let's hope they're 10 for $10 again this January!
  • Success
And here's a list of things I will be doing this year:
  • I will make a whole chicken in my crock pot and make my own bone broth
  • less fruit
  • less almond butter (I had almond butter and bananas nearly every night for desert)
  • more foods - I feel like I ate the same old things every week, so I plan on more variety this time around
  • more cooked veggies

I am so excited to dive into this again in 2016!

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