Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Day 5k - 2016


The New Year's Day 5k has been a tradition since 2013. I haven't really gone out for New Year's Eve since then, aside from stopping by the Melting Pot for New Year's kiss with Reid, but with a 10am start time, I think I could do the New Year's Day 5k, even if I did go out the night before.

I woke up late, especially for me, on New Year's Day, took Penny and Otto out, and then headed out to pick Amanda up around 9:30 for the race. I had been thinking the day before about how I didn't really run any of my own races in 2015, and the last time I really ran for myself was in 2014. 2014 also started with a surprise sub 25 New Year's Day 5k (24:59), so I kind of got it in my head that I wanted to go sub 25 this year and get my running started off on the right foot!

One thing that I wasn't really prepared for was the fact that they ran the course in reverse from previous years. It worked out SO WELL! It was way less crowded going down to the trail! I felt pretty strong during the first part of the race, but started my intervals about 5 minutes in. I ended up splitting a 7:07 first mile. I eased up on purpose for the rest of the race, not feeling super great, realizing at that point that I had forgotten to take my pre-race gu, and the chips and salsa I had for dinner were not enough for my muscles to recover from the night before. The course change also kind of threw me for a loop because it felt like we were on the trail longer than usual, when in fact, we were just on the trail later in the race. I'm not used to being on the trail for so long after the second mile marker!


I decided to run the last quarter mile of the race, after coming up the hill exiting the W&OD trail. When I took my split at the 3rd miler marker I was in just over 24 minutes. I knew that I would be under 25, as long as I pushed. It made me think that maybe I should have pushed a little more through out the whole race, because my legs were sore and I didn't have my final kick that I usually do. I crossed the line at 24:58, just squeaking by under 25 minutes and one second faster than in 2014.

It has me excited to really focus on myself and my own running this year, but I am working on a separate goals post, since I have a lot to organize!


All in all, I am super happy to kick off 2016 with a great run! Later that day Reid and I went to see Star Wars for the second time and then out to lunch. It was an absolutely perfect start to a new year! Happy 2016!


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