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Recap of Running in 2015


My #2015bestnine were all running photos, so it makes a great header for this post! 2015 was an interesting running year for me. I raced a LOT, but I didn't really run for myself. I was just running. I'm not really sure why, but every time I showed up at a race, I decided to run with someone. Sometimes it was decided way in advance, but sometimes it was just me deciding to run with someone instead of running on my own and pushing. I just didn't feel like pushing.

All year I was focused on my marathon. Scared that I couldn't duplicate a sub 4 hour finish, and also wanting to make sure that my entire team hit their goals. Only once in 2015 did I feel like I was really racing, and that was the Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July, but it was totally unintentional. I was tired and sore from a 5 day run streak and a 10.7 mile long run the day before, so Reid and I were just going to run. But I was feeling good, so I set the pace with two miles under 7:30. We eased up on the third mile and I still PRed by 13 seconds with a 24:18. It was also my only sub 25 5k in 2015.

I was pretty pumped after that, really ready to tackle my marathon training, but then... I got injured! Doesn't that always seem to happen?! It started as a small twinge in my adductor muscle. But it went away after I warmed up, or maybe I was better able to tolerate it after I warmed up, or maybe I was lying to myself because I didn't want to be injured. I ran injured for a month. I didn't just run though, I ran a lot! Finally, when I was having trouble walking, I took 21 days off. Luckily it was enough to ease back into running with much less pain, and no pain after a week! BUT mentally it took everything. It shook me and I didn't think I'd be able to chase a marathon PR after being so injured.

Luckily my 20 miler with TNT helped boost my confidence, but it still didn't make me chase after a marathon PR. I rounded out 2015 with three 5ks, one with Reid, one pacing one of my 10 year old buddies, and another pacing her mom, and with a PR for Amanda at the Fairfax 4 Miler. While it wasn't a year that I raced for myself, I had a really consistent year of training. Below, you can see my monthly graph, but to show my consistency, I've shared my weekly graph too. You can see that I only missed those weeks in August that I took to recovery from my injury.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.15.41 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.16.30 PM

Here are all of the races that I did (and planned) for 2015:

I re-read my goals post from last year (here) and I totally missed the mark. I talked about running with intensity and I think I mistook that for volume, which lead to my injury, and then lead to my loss of mental focus.

Here were my 2015 goals:
  • Goal 1: 1 race per month - CHECK! I remember the first time I made this goal, it seemed tough! Now I am actually looking at doing less racing in 2016. But I'll get to that!
  • Goal 2: 30+ miles per month - DOUBLE CHECK! In fact, my lowest mileage month was February. I even it 30+ miles in August taking 21 days off!
  • Goal 3: two speed sessions per month - maybe...? I should have better identified what I meant by a speed session.
  • Goal 4: PR the 10k - nope. I didn't even try... but... I PRed the 5k, which I didn't think I'd be able to do, let alone without really trying!

So now what?! Well, my mom gifted me e-coaching with Jeff Galloway for Christmas! I am so excited! It's 6 months of coaching, and I just sent in my initial information with the races that are already on my calendar and some time goals. I am going to let him lead me toward which distance I should focus on and what I should do to run better.

I love CONSISTENCY, and while INTENSITY didn't really work out, it's still a pretty good idea, but this year's word is FEARLESS. I want to fearlessly chase after my running goals. I want to fearlessly put in the work and attack 2016 fearlessly, even if it means I fail at first and fearlessly have to try again. :)

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