Thursday, November 9, 2017

Reston Style Reboot


In the past few months I have started post after post, trying to get back to blogging, but last night, my new friend Julie gave me the key - I need a process. I need a plan of attack and something repeatable to keep quality content being published with some sort of regularity. Seems simple, right? But in the past when I focused on creating content just to get something published, I really didn't like how empty my posting became... so here's my solution: contributors! You're going to see more activity on this blog, but you'll also start to see posts by some of my friends!

Here's what you can expect to see us post about:
  • clothes
  • planners and office supplies
  • gluten free food
  • beauty tips and tricks
  • running
  • social media - since I get a LOT of questions about how I use it for business
  • and anything else that strikes our fancy!

Want to make sure you're keeping up with everything fun? Follow Reston Style on Facebook and leave me some comments here! You'll be meeting the contributors shortly!!


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